Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chef Khajaram Bhaduri

Royal Icing Tube Embroidery

Poured and Pull Sugar Work

Chocolate Works

Chocolate Moulding

3-Dimensional Nougatine Work

Pulled and Blown Sugar work

Pastillage Model

Nougatine Show Piece

Marzipan Moulding

Assembled Chocolate Show Piece
I am an alumni of Chennai IHM passed out in the year 1995 and started my career with the Welcomgroup Sheraton and then moved overseas to work with Sun Cruises, Uk. After working for 7 years I joined the first and premier Culinary institute in India i.e. Culinary Academy of India, Hyderabad with the sole intention of sharing my technical skills with the young generation & help them in becoming chefs in the future.
Culinary Academy of India as a platform I started exploring and experimenting new concepts in 'Royal Icing', 'Pastillage', 'Sugar Confectionery', 'Blow Sugar Works', 'Pulled Sugar Works', 'Nougatine Center Pieces' and 'Couverture Confectionery'.
My aim is to develop 3 Dimensional high rise Pastry & Confectionery show pieces and enter the record books one day. I have posted some of the pictures of my works which I did recently in Culinary Academy of India, Hyderabad.
I would be available to one and all to discuss and help Chefs, aspiring students in their endeavor to achieve something in the field of Pastry & Confectionery Arts.


  1. congratulations!
    keep up the good work!

  2. CAI-Culinary Academy of India ROCKS

  3. khajaram sir rocksssss fr ever n ever no 1 cn beat hm

  4. its really nice sir . being in google in front page with our college product feels proud

  5. delightful, superb,marvelous art.are they all made up of sugar?


  6. Hi Khaja, I am Prithiraj Bhaumik ur batchmate at Gulmohar High School. Please get connected with me in Facebook.

  7. hi this ur student kathiresan 3rd batch ccc thank you for giving good career really nice sir