Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chef Syed Abdul Attique

Indian Sweets packed exactly like European Marzipan

Packing and New Look

Traditional Indian Pudding - Phirnee

Indian Dessert & Savoury Display

Indian Sweet Dumpling - Chandrakala

Indian Dessert - Barfi presented more like a roulade in European style on a Mirror

Indian Sweet Marzipan Style
Indian Sweet is known to speak the language of Culture, tradition & love, yet its very presence can make the strongest of hearts melt into infidelity... for when your eyes see more than one variety, it is tough to stay loyal to a single flavor.
The raid of Indian sweet boutiques, designer sweets has set up strong competition to the flower culture in India. And now with India on a health drive, sugar-free and healthy, nutritive sweets are becoming the latest rage.
As people are traveling out more than ever they are able to savour a variety of sweet meats in Europe & America. When they come back, they look for similar flavors and quality here. It is this awareness and demand that has made Indian sweet makers to adapt to the changing demands. This innovative out look has given new dimensions to the sweets of India.
Chocolate is slowly replacing traditional Indian sweets as appropriate gifts during festivals and other occasions; this has propelled shops selling Indian sweets to come up with variations of traditional Indian sweets, to sustain their sales. It has become a mandatory token of celebration during birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, acquisition and milestones in our lives. Can you imagine Diwali with out Indian traditional sweets?? !!!
To counter the invasion of chocolate in the Indian traditional exchange of sweets for festivals & occasions the favorite Indian sweets, are now made to look as Marzipan. This sweet meat is shaped into all types of shapes, the most popular being fruits. What you can do with it is practically limitless, since you can mix fruit puree into portions of Indian Marzipan ( Khova , Kaju Katli or Badam Katli) as you knead or even paint on the shapes once you've made them, using a regular artist's paint brush and edible gel based colours unlike the powder colours which are high in lead content Besides that, Indian marzipan is great for kitchen crafts, looks better & yet very much traditional.Packaging is given due importance for the easy and safe transportation of items to the destination. Besides, packaging is done in a manner that allures the onlooker and leaves an irresistible impact like that of chocolates & other branded continental desserts.

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