Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chef Vijaya Narasimha Raju, Student Ice Carver@CAI

26 Feet Multi Block Assembled Ice Sculpture

Vertical and Horizontal locking method of Ice Sculpting

Final Display of the ICe Sculpture
Final Display of the ICe Sculpture

3-Dimensional central vertically assembled Ice Sculpture

Multi form 3-dimensional assembly by Tongue & Lever method

15 Feet Vertically Locked 3-dimensional Ice Sculpture

Symmetry & Balance - Ice Sculpted Alphabets
Understanding Multiple forms and Balancing

Understanding Multiple forms and Balancing

Life Size 3-D Ice Sculpture with Brand CAI inlay

Our Batch Final Exam product

Abstract Ice Sculpture used as a back drop in one of the national level competitions

Ice Sculptures
Sculpture, Carving, Moulding whatever you call… addition method or subtraction method whatever the approach, 3-dimensional or 2-dimensional these were the words I always loved and wanted to make a career with these. In my 7th Class my drawing teacher named me as an artist of my class since then there was no looking back and I always wanted to be known as an artist. Though I secured 90% marks in my +2 I still wanted to make a career either in visual arts or in sculpting even though my entire family was against it.
While I was in my XI class I already started looking for some new careers in art and sculpture that is where I heard a new term called “Culinary Arts”. After a thorough research on the web I got to know about Culinary Academy of India which offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Catering Technology and Culinary Arts. After browsing the site I still wanted to go personally I check out the college.
I was waiting almost for 8 months to visit the college because I don’t belong to Hyderabad. Once I reached the college I met the counselor who explained to me all the details of the course, career options etc. But for my inquisitive mind I asked the counselor that I would like to see the places where the students learn about Culinary Arts and he was more than happy to take me on a tour of the college.
Culinary Academy of India I say was the place which I really wanted to be because of the best infrastructure and most surprisingly all the labs were full of students and every practical class was a eye opener. But the lab on the 5th floor was special because one french beard guy was taking a class and showing the students how to make butter sculptures. I was astonished to see the class so committed to the teaching going on and all the students were observing the chef with apt concentration. It was then and there I decided that I am gonna join CAI and pursue BCT&CA as my career and one day will be a professional culinary artist.
Thank you CAI & Thank you Chef Sudhakar N. Rao


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