Thursday, June 4, 2009

Indian food presentation @ CAI, By Chef Shivarama Krishnan, Culinary Academy of India

Indian food presentation @ CAI
Whether someone agrees or disagrees “Indian food” has always been a bowl or platter food which is right from the cooking vessel into the service dish put straight on to the table of the guest. Least attention has been given to the visual aspect and presentation just because some great Indian chef said presentation is not an Indian concept. Interiors of the restaurants, hence changed from traditional to contemporary, furniture is become more casual and light unlike the heavy teak wood which used to be the order of the day. But the food remained where it was and no sincere effort has gone to bring in some visual touch as we all know Indian food tastes excellent. Being from Culinary Academy of India and having trained 7 batches in Indian regional cuisine I always had the idea of lighter, simpler but will presented pre plated Indian food can also be served as any other European foods. As a special occasion I have demonstrated 10 plates to my students in the workshop named “Plating Trends”. Hope this small effort of mine will ignite many more to think on the lines of Indian food plate presentation.

Reshmi Murgh served with a Creole o Pudina Pulao and a back drop of Vadiyam (Fryum)

Shammi Kebab rolled in Roomali Roti spread with Mint Chutney

Bengal Fish Curry served with White Rice and Stuffed Karela

Traditional Kashmiri Nalli Ka Ghost with paratha & Mooli ka soola

Stuffed fish curry served with tiranga pulao and katti saalan

Authentic Khandvi served with Marathi Kadhi

Roulade of Paneer stuffed with palak and dusted with deseeded chilli flakes with makhni gravy & saffron rice


  1. This article written very will
    will certainly sate the interest of food
    I will try this at my home
    Thanks for writing this beautiful article

  2. well said.Indian food being so vast,complex and ofcourse spicy and tasty,chefs have over the years neglected the very aspect of presenting it properly to the other world.Todays young chefs have a big responsibility to sell our lovely food by the sheer art of presentation.

  3. The introduction of this concept of presenting Indian food just like any other Pre-plated food with the very prominently chosen color combination makes it even more attractive and eye appealing which would draw the attention of many.I have never seen Indian food being presented this way in any hotel or restaurant that I have visited.This is AwSome!!!! :-))

  4. i really like the whole pesentation of indian food ,and its having good eye appealing.

  5. kyuoon indian cuisine ka naam kharaab kar rahe ho,matlab ki kuch bhi presentation de rahe ho,kahin pe karela khada hai kahin pe hara pyaaz,u need to improve man ....lots of improvement.

  6. Amazing.... this will take indian cuisine to new heights in the world... good concept of fusion..great show..!!!

  7. amazing food by chef food plating was very nice

  8. Its so Outstanding Food Thanks For this.

  9. presentation are mind blowing

  10. There are so many different ways to plate the food so that it looks as good as it tastes. First impressions are important, and the way your meal is presented can determine whether it's considered mere grub or totally gourmet.
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