Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mentoring Young Budding Chefs by Chef Khaja Ram Bhaduri

After finishing high school, youngster stands at the threshold of CAI to materialize their aspiration of becoming chefs. Their ideas are loosely woven thought… delicate desire… faint citadels of hopes…
Here starts the grooming. Its through genuine interest, kindness, appreciation, flexibility and openness the mentor goals are given shape. For some becoming, a chef is a natural born talent while others it takes a bit more of work.
The mentor conjures between a teacher, guide and counselor to realize the dreams of young culinarians. Creating a wonderful gourmet delicacy from basic ingredient is a magical understanding for these budding chefs in the midst of experienced stalwarts.
The desire to be a great chef nurtured with love for food and ingredients is meticulously groomed by the mentors who install in them a positive frame of mind to excel in the most pressing scenario.
Finally it completes a full circle when the mentor through his profound experience enrich the learners to tread towards a realistic goal as the roads to success in this field is especially paved with hard work but the rewards are many.
It is the mentor who makes the learners realize that it is with great passion and respect for food and years of investing in zealous work and training that a GORDON RAMSAY OR EDWARD NOTTER is born.

Students learning 3-dimensional centre-piece making

Teaching intricacies of Dessert Plating

Mentor commitment

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