Saturday, July 9, 2011

MAHARASHTRIAN CUISINE-By Vishal Gunwant Gondane Faculty @CAI


The authenticity of Maharashtrian cuisine lies in the appetizing, delectable and gratifying sweetness. As you move from north to south or east to west of Maharashtra can find the food ocean of their deferent regions in their staple food. The secrets of their sweets are right amount of ingredients with proportion of their meal. Mostly Sugar and Jaggery are widely used to sweeten the dish. Maharashtra have varieties of sweets for each festivals or celebrations right from Makar- sankranti to Deepawali, no one can lose even one chance to enjoy adorable Tilgul while flying the kites.

It is made up with Sesame seed and jaggery powered together and creates deferent shapes as you like. The purity of the religion comes with the exchange of the Tilgul during festival. Every guest treats himself with immense varieties of deserts. The most fascinating and Intrigue desert is Poor a poli.

This is the dish in which you can find the simplicity of Maharashtra. It is one of the most popular sweet item in the Maharashtrian cuisine. It is made from jaggary , yellow gram, plain flour, cardamom powder and ghee. It is made at almost all festivals, usually eats with seasoned milk.

Mahrashtra is divided into three region, Konkan Marathwada and Vidarbh with some subregions.The konkan gives you pleasant and crunchy taste of coconut when it infused with sugar or jaggary.

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Khobra Burfy is now part of their staple food. They haven’t touched their basic recepies and original ingredient in order to maintain the original flavor and simplicity of the dish.

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One more thing considered as a favorite amongst all Maharashtrian is mango, yes name is enough for the introduction. Hapoos is named as king of mango. There are lot more experiment they do it which results from Amba Poli to sweet mango pickle.Hapoos is world famous and export to various countries. The most ubiquitous sweet during the summer months is undoubtedly “Aamras” (ripe mango pulp). “Kelyache Shikran” used to be every mom’s fallback plan when her kids refused to eat the “boring” bhaji.

Sakharbhat (sugar rice), NaraLibhat (sweet coconut rice), Keshar bhat (saffron rice) are three main sweet rices. They are generally made during NaraLiPournima or Rakshabandhan.So every month of the Year there are something to offer as a desert.

Vidarbh region comes second after konkan for desert. What coconut is for konkan, semolina is for vidarbh.when the flavor of roasted semolina infused with ghee and sugar the end product what you get is ambrosial called sheera. In rural area the process ends with milk and nuts as milk gives the soft texture to the sheera

Rest of the maharashtra covered by Marathvada.People are reach in milk and milk products,”Shrikhand” is most darling Desert from marathvada and lovable all over the maharashtra, a sort of thick yogurt sweet dish, is a great favorite at weddings and the Dussehra festival. Flavored with cardamom powder and saffron, this aromatic dish is served with piping hot puries.

When it comes to festival”Ganesh Chaturthi” is most famous in Maharashtra and Celebrate widely with great enthusiasm. Modak is authentic desert which is steam balls filled with sweet mixture made up from jaggery gram flour and lots of other ingredients.

Apart from above, they have”Basundi”for Akshay Trutiya,”Masala Doodh for Kojagiri Pornima,”Anarshe”and”Karanjee”for Deepawali and a lot more. Every marriage ceremony has end up their celebration with BOOOONDI, the small sweet balls made up from lots of sugar and gram flour. The honesty and love in the hospitality of maharashtrian makes their food palatable and enjoyable…


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