Sunday, February 10, 2013


One of the hottest new trends in the culinary education and professional market is molecular gastronomy. Although the name calls to mind evil scientists and laboratories with petri dishes full of bacteria, there is actually much about molecular gastronomy that appeals to chefs and diners of all ages.

Everyone looks at this as MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY, but I think that it is good old fashioned cookery with a little bit of science attached to it for good measure. The factor that science plays in cookery is quite extravagant. Molecular Gastronomy is definitely the trend in today’s world and is catching up pretty quick in our nation as well. I am glad that our college provides us with the elements, equipment and ingredients along with proper guidance to let us students also learn about this amazing form of cookery. I was pretty much in luck when I got to experiment with this form of cookery in college. Just imagine things like lickable wallpaper i.e. a pure form of pineapple with the freshest taste that can be licked of directly from the wall, strawberry spaghetti i.e. spaghetti made only from the puree of strawberries and formed in the shape of a spaghetti, and other such exquisite delicacies. Our college has definitely brought light to this new form of culinary expertise. Throughout the year we have used aspects of spherification, gelification and reconstruction to achieve excellence in various competitions and thus showcase our talents.
We are lucky to have hands on experience with such material. Our college always encourages learning and never sacrifices in such situations. A few of the equipment available are anti-griddle, Immersion Circulator, vacuum packing machine, etc.
ingredients required for this form of cooking are available in Spain (Textures by FerranAdria) and are imported in for our use. These include; calcic, align, gellan, agar, lecite, xanthana, yopol, etc. The curriculum for Post Graduate course offered in the college includes a semester of Molecular Gastronomy. This is offered because the hotels and restaurants today are soon grasping this approach and our college believes in grooming the students with the latest trends so that they are well suited and not alienated in the industry with these new techniques.
This trendy form of cookery is definitely the today and tomorrow of the culinary world. Molecular Gastronomy exceeds the imagination of the chef as well as the guest to countless boundaries. I personally love this form of cooking because it explores the culinary world and makes you reach conclusions that you might have never even imagined. This form of cookery plays with all the senses of the human body i.e. sight, aroma, sound, feel and taste. With changes in how we cook and how we eat, through Molecular Gastronomy, the field of Culinary Arts and Culinary Science appear to be merging into one.                                                                    


  1. Never heard of this style of cooking.
    whats the name of the college where they teach this?

    1. Culinary Academy of India, Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh

  2. Really good is such an art and this really proves it...

  3. culinary academy of india is a very good collage , so i am join in the collage . my course is craft course .my join date is 19/7/2013. iam 2013 bach

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