Monday, May 11, 2015


Chefs are the creative minds behind today's food businesses. They are the most skilled individuals of their kitchens, and their artistic approach and decisions shape their establishments. Many chefs also play a major role in managing the kitchens, the day's service, preparation of different dishes, and supply ordering. Chefs also oversee the complete food operations apart from preparing the food. Apart from all this today chefs have to be “STYLISTS” who can create visual impact in his customers who first see and then consume the food prepared by him / her. In today's world each profession has its own definition so as food styling. By this small write up on food styling I will try my level best to delve into tips, tricks, and information on how to style mouth watering food using elements of art & design. If one has to define the job of a food stylist then it is simply a person who makes food look beautiful. It is always understood that the food stylists work in a studio rather than a kitchen but actually speaking a professional food stylist transforms his kitchen into a studio. Being a food stylist is a very fascinating but challenging career. A Food Stylist is only as good as the last photo or commercial, so it requires an individual who is detail-oriented, organized, and focused and at the same time should be able to combine artistic vision with culinary skills to make food look as enticing as possible.     

Incredible styling of food should actually tell a story to the viewer. Telling a story gives the food the most required quality 'acceptance', and will allow the chef to make an intimate and unique connection with the consumers. When the customers look at the food or a steaming plate it actually reflects different carefully constructed elements of art and design which a chef has put into the presentation. These elements are the key to making the food most appealing. Food styling revolves around a central point of arranging the food to look its best and also prepare the food to its most maximum appeal. In other words the food styling the job is more or less that of a beautician of the culinary world. A food stylist generally accepts numerous challenges, add a new definition each day with creativity brings in variety with each move and always plays and paints the food as the presentation surface becomes a canvas. Hence it is commonly said that food stylists prepare the food to feed the eyes and  

Though food styling sounds very simple and easy, actually it's a complex job.  They are responsible  for finding unusual ingredients and preparing food so it looks freshly made and appetizing for non edible purposes and use the best, rarest and fresh ingredients to make the food look beautiful along with taste, texture and aroma for edible purpose. The foundation of food styling is in using the freshest and most beautiful ingredients available, contrary to popular assumptions and expectations. In short one can say that food stylists are extremely passionate about what they do and especially about food. Their only quality is their love to cook and create colorful plated masterpieces, all with an eye for detail. From artfully placing food to selecting the overall setting, food stylists need to know all of the tips and tricks for specific types of projection weather the food styled by them is for consumption in a famous restaurant or for the visual media etc. 

Chef's who actually take up food styling as their specialization should have extensive knowledge of how food acts, both aesthetically and scientifically. Also they need to have a thorough know how about the props, right equipment, latest preparation techniques, arranging the food on the surface and also the consumers acceptability. The best food stylists are judged by their creative capacity and love for food. Just strong cooking skills will not help and knowledge of the edible art and design is very crucial in this career. A stylist's goal is to bring out the inherent beauty of the food and food styling is akin to a musical dance revue. The recipe is the musical score, and the chef becomes art director and the entire process is handled by the team which choreographs the eating experience. A professional stylist readies the star of the show, and the service staff brings up the house lights and conducts the final harmonious performance with total focus on the guest who is consuming the beautifully designed food.

Excerpt taken from Chef SUDHAKAR N RAO'S aticle


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