Thursday, May 14, 2015

Technology is ever changing. Innovator and inventors are constantly striving to push the boundaries of science and technology, looking for that next amazing idea that will make our lives that much more comfortable.

So here's an idea; you walk into a restaurant and find yourself a table. Instead of waiting for the waiter (in know, ironic… isn't it??!!) you can place your order immediately. Instead of standing in queues like all other fast food joints, you  can relax on your table while the food comes to you. Oh and did I mention, there are NO WAITERS! Cool, right?

From the food bullet train restaurant in Tokyo (where the food ordered arrives on a bullet train) to Rogo's, the rollercoaster restaurant in Abu Dhabi (here the food takes a rollercoaster ride on the way to the guest) fully or predominantly automated restaurants have become all the rage in various parts of the world. You can order food at the touch of a button then relax while your food arrives. Even clearance of dishes is taken care of!! 

These restaurants are slowly gaining popularity because not only is the service quick and efficient, it is also safer as the number of food handlers is greatly diminished. Not to mention, it looks really cool when you see your food travelling towards you!! There are places where there is no human intervention at all, robots have been designed to replace people. This concept isn't all that new, it was attempted in the US in the 1970's in outlets that were referred to as Automats, where all the food was served out of vending machines. A similar concept has been tried and implemented in Japan, called the Shokkenki. But fully automated restaurants are a more recent trend. Automated restaurants have been opening in many countries. Examples include Fritz's Railroad Restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, Výtopna (Railway Restaurant), a franchise of various retaurants and coffee houses in Czech Republic; Baggers Restaurant in Nuremberg, Germany, FuA-Men Restaurant, a ramen restaurant located in Nagoya, Japan, Hajime Robot Restaurant, a Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, the Dalu Robot Restaurant in Jinan, China; Haohai Robot Restaurant in Harbin, China, Robot Kitchen Restaurant in Hong Kong, Rogo's, the Rollercoaster Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Robot Palace, the first robot restaurant of India is due to open this year in capital city, New Delhi.

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