Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Spa Cuisine

We very well know by living in the 21st century that, as we have evolved the things have become more and more refined. The natural processes of storage and cooking have been replaced with chemicals and microwaves etc. This has become a major health concern for people today as they turn towards healthy ways of preparing and consuming food. That is when Spa cuisine comes into picture.

Spa cuisine is essentially taking our food preparation and cooking methods back to the simpler and less refined ways of the past. With spa cuisine we try to use the natural elements in food to assist the body in its day to day processes without placing unnecessary strain on it.

 Hence, Spa cuisine has few characteristics which define the cuisine like; usage of natural ingredients instead of processed and refined food products. Spa cuisine uses seasonal ingredients as it ensures availability and freshness. Some restaurants may even grow their own produce. 

Spa meals are often colorful as this makes the plate more aesthetically appealing and promise nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are well balanced.
As the cuisine suggests seasonal ingredients, you can be sure to obtain quality food from  both flora and fauna. Fats like olive oil, sunflower oil and canola oil are used. Spa cuisine focuses on satiating your appetite by delivering appropriately portioned dishes of high quality, taste and flavor. Spa cuisine restaurants create dishes that are a bit non- traditional, but are definitely creative. Especially when it comes to desserts, they come up with creative ways to satisfy the customer and without causing a major impact to your waistline.

Learning Spa cuisine at the college was one of a kind experience as the students were given deepest knowledge and wisdom of Spa cuisine by the Chef and also they had a chance to personally prepare those delightful, colorful and healthy dishes. The students are really proud to have learnt one of emerging trends in today’s culinary world. We have been introduced to many new ingredients, cooking techniques and yes, also new presentation techniques by the Chef.

 The way the cuisine has been dealt with, while being taught to the students was impeccable. The Chef had really gone an extra mile to make sure that the students are getting a sound opportunity to try their hand at plating their own dishes. Thus, learning spa cuisine at our college was a healthy experience as the cuisine itself.

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