Tuesday, January 26, 2016


by Faculty BRAND CAI

Salt dough is a modeling material made from a mixture of flour, salt and water. Food colouring is often used to colour the material. This is somewhat close to the texture of children’s  clay and the most appropriate technique applied in making salt dough sculptures in moulding. Once the basic from is made by using the salt dough simple clay modeling tools or marzipan tools are used to do the detailing work. Mostly students are introduced to this medium to basically understand the techniques involved in hand moulding and to understand edible sculpture making which requires cooking after the product is complete. And after the final baking then there in the colour element which has to be used appropriately. Once a student understands this medium and starts putting out good art works then he/she will definitely will progress into a good culinary artist. Salt dough medium to manage in food sculpture and if one shows consistent performance with this medium then that person will definitely develop into a full fledged culinary artist in the years to come.

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