Tuesday, February 9, 2016

           BEST OF CAI - BREADS                    

The principles of baking bread have been established for thousands of years  and the basics have remained the same. However bread production into a highly commercial activity new technologies and new equipment’s have been introduced in order to meet the demand also some edible chemicals were added to the recipes to increase the shelf life.
Basically the breads are made in five different methods
1)Straight dough method
2)NO-time dough method
3)delayed salt dough method
4)Sponge salt method
5)Ferment and dough method.
Bread making is a technical process which involves very high levels of application of science hence the students at CAI are given ample inputs about Baking Science from the first year itself and as they move ahead  they slowly start to advance their skills and also start working on the international Breads  as well as Bread show pieces. when master the art of not only making excellent breads but also make Artistic show-pieces with bread.

By CAI -Faculty

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