Monday, February 8, 2016

           Aryuvedic Cuisine

Eating is always worship in the sense that the body is our instrument of work and take care of it in terms of diet. Ayurvedic Cuisine revolves around five basic elements the three 'DOSHAS', the three 'GUNAS' the seven 'DHATUS' and six TASTES'. The ayurvedic cooking derives its knowl­edge from the herbs, spices, vegetables and legumes and Ayurveda itself which helps them maintain physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony. The individual consciousness that dwells within the body is part of the supreme consciousness, Ayurvedic food helps in making every part of the body pure and also helps its proper growth and development.

Ayurvedic foods are flavourful, appetising and aromatic and consid­ered as a way of offering love ,helping in healing when served in an inspir­ing atmosphere. The cleansing of the toxins that have entered the body and the electrochemical vitalising of the body is the main object. Hence ayurvedic cooking is considered both an art as well as a science at the same time in which cooking becomes 'Alchemy’ and food becomes ‘Tantra'.  Ayurvedic cooking attaches a lot of attention to the effect of the cooking method on the quality of the foods, right time for cooking and eating,cycle of seasons and the effect of foods consumed on the con-sciousness.
This cuisine which is now gaining a world wide recognition due to its distinctive features related to cooking as an offering and food as cleanser is part of the curriculum of the Post Graduate Diploma In Culinary Arts of­fered at Culinary Academy of India. PGDCA students are introduced to this style of cooking with special emphasis on the special practices and authentic recipes.

         By BRAND CAI-Faculty

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