Saturday, February 27, 2016



The term buffet originally referred to the French sideboard furniture in a restaurant, where the food was served, but eventually the entire process was being accepted as a food serving format. Generally Buffets are elaborate table displays of hot, cold and desserts. In this system of food service the container’s in which the food is placed are kept in a public place area where the dinners generally serve themselves. Based on the nature and purpose of the service generally buffet service is considered as an informal form of dinning. The food in these buffets are highly decorated and well presented in order to create an eye appeal and visual impact. These buffets are offered in various places and in different size. Restaurants, hotels and major outdoor events offer different buffets such as Hot Buffets, Cold Buffets (Smorgasbord), Finger Buffets, etc. The most distinguishing feature of these Buffets is that the customer/guest/diner can view the food analyze visually and then decide which dishes they would like to consume. It also helps the consumer in deciding the quantity of the food he/she likes to have thereby reducing the wastage of food. Buffets are highly effective while one has to cater to large numbers and at the same time when the choice of dishes is too many. This style of serving of food has shown good results specially in large parties, institutional catering and in conventions. Buffet and Buffet displays being one of the most important aspects of becoming a professional chef the students at Culinary Academy of India are exposed to the best and the latest trends in setting up the buffets. They are repeatedly challenged to invent or create new things and are made to use the highest levels of imagination while they are planning and executing the buffet displays.

                                                                      By BRAND  CAI- Faculty

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