Monday, March 14, 2016


A canape type of an horsdeuvre.Which is a small,prepared decorative food held in the fingers and often eaten in one bite.The word canapé comes from the French word for “couch”, drawing on the analogy that the garnish sits a top of the bread as people do a couch.Traditionally the canapés are served as a snack during the service of cocktails the and are generally a bit salty or spicy.Generally the canapés are talked as finger food as they do not need cutlery to be eaten and are a single gulp foods,

Traditionally if you look at the Europen thought of the Culinary Schools canapés are built on stale white bread although other foods may be used as a base.this can vary as per the imagination and creativeness of the chefs.crackers,vegetable cups. Savoury baked shells,Puff pastry etc. can be the bases. Shapes might include circles,rings, squares,strips or triangles, These pieces of bread are then prepared by deep frying, sautéing, or toasting. The foods are sometimes highly processed and decorative applied to the base. Savoury pastes, compound butters nor flavored purees act as the adhesive or spread and the topping can be anything and everything like meat, cheese, fish, caviar, foigras, purees, relish etc.

Canape making is a sheer art and chefs who can put out a good display of canapés are no less than a music composer as canapé making revolves around a single principle of Food composing. Chefs who command a good knowledge of food composition and food compiling can really do wonders in canapé making, Final year students master this technique of compiling and composing keep in mind the basics of compatibility.

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