Thursday, May 19, 2016


The history of ice sculpting began as soon as ice harvesting began. A 300 pound of crystal clear ice block can be purchased and used for sculpting. People often refer to Ice sculpting as ice carving .Ice sculptures have a very limited lifetime and they are mostly used at extravagant events or special occasions.

Chef artists with these skills are generally called as Ice Sculptors .Combining traditional carving techniques with today’s modern technology in terms of power tools and crystal clear Ice-Blocks the students are trained to master the fine art of Ice-Carving under highly experienced professional chef instructors.Student learn to design a beautiful carving from a jpeg images or an old photograph.

 They also try out their hands on three dimensional life size sculptures and the tallest ice carving made by the students of CAI stands 26ft in height and 32 blocks of ice were used to make this carving. The master piece was display just after sunset on the roof top of the college with scenic beauty of Hyderabad in the background.

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