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Everybody seeks education for a purpose. Be it to get a job, following one s passion, to achieve something greater and beyond or even just to go on with life.
So did I and here is mine
Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, business and finances were the most common topics of discussion during dinners as I grew up. Although I didn’t understand much at that time I still was fascinated by the idea. Every now and then people would ask me what I wanted to be in life and I would just casually reply back stating whatever i had in mind at that time and people seemed to be okay with it.
When i was 18 and people around again asked me what i wanted to do. Except this time they were all dead serious. And i still wanted time to figure out stuff and they were not okay with it. After which i had to join the rat race or the big south Indian dream of being an engineer. Like every good student i studied hard for about 6 months and slowly i started to realise that this not what am supposed to be doing. i started to look into my inner engineering and i felt extremely sure that engineering was not meant for me . i started exploring other options that’s when I started to cook . It felt great to cook!! i quit engineering , took a years off and started off baking from home it was a great experience although i couldn’t mint money i was fairly above breakeven i had some all time sellers like some luxury cookies and some desserts which kicked of really well .. Eventually i felt that i needed some professional culinary guidance, after which Culinary Academy Of India happened. Ii had the opportunity to go to one of the best schools in the world!!! I couldn’t ask for more.

So here I joined the academy with a very clear agenda to understand the inside and out of the food business, studying in a culinary school is totally different experience than doing any other course. My school is called an academy for a reason..the academy is like an industry itself , it takes a lot from you and of course pays u back in bulk ,they say that we need to put in a lot of effort and pressure to get a diamond its exactly what happens at the academy . Your are trained vigour sly with the Best instructors and with world class equipments and prepared for the challenges in life in a very big way. So i strongly felt my purpose of education is being served. The three year intensive training and the great support from the academy felt good enough for me start off with my own endeavours,
I had my eyes wide open for new opportunities and ideas and was trying to explore some undiscovered places of business in my search I found several options I wanted to do a make your pastry concept where people could actually come into the pastry bar all the minimum inputs would be ready like a sponges chocolates syrups etc and people can make their own dessert according to their own whims and fancies and also leaving a self satisfactory feeling of making ur own dessert.  i had also thought of commercially processing some desserts and selling them via different mediums for instance through a vending machine or in super markets .. However finances didn’t seem to be working out.  i always wanted my business to a cater to a necessity, after several visits to many of the restaurants i had observed that many restaurants serve food dripping with a lot of oil even something as fresh as a soup would have oil films floating over the top layer which i not only found unappetizing but even if the food had been tasty it would have made me feel extremely guilty for the amount of oil i have taken in. So fried snacks were out of the question then came the idea to actually start a fast food place which would be oil free. I felt it was a necessity, because a lot of things around us have changed, the way we work, the way we live ,but however the food that we eat hasn’t changed as much, keeping in mind today’s extremely busy lifestyle and sedentary work style. People really need to change the way they eat as it highly reflects on their health 
So “oil free” is going to be a fast food restaurant which focuses on giving quick and fast moving foods which would be oil free and can be indulged in without any sort of guilt. I plan to use some very special set of equipment and special kind of technology to assure that we are what we stand for which is oil free food .We would have a range of snacks and beverages and some main course. Eventually i would like to make it into a chain of fast food restaurants and give franchises to people who share the same interests and necessary ingredients and other requirements etc would be given by us so they remain standard for all our outlets

I always wanted my business or my products to help make peoples life get better so that’s where the idea popped out to start of an oil free restaurant.. This is  something today’s people  needs due to the sedentary and busy life’s that people lead nobody seems to strike a balance .. so oil free is going to be a place where people could leave there guilt and worries at the garage could hog on food with absolutely no guilt .. i plan to use a very special   set of kitchen ware and equipment and new kind of technology to make these foods oil free and make it available  to people .  I really hope this culinary journey would help me make a change in people’s life.


BCT&CA,Final year

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