Tuesday, August 30, 2016

“Amuse Bouche”

Amuse Bouches are small bite size, delicious, well presented meal served before the first course which are meant to please the palate served in finer restaurants according to the chef’s desire.

 Amuse Bouche was traditionally known as Amuse Gueule which means mouth or snout of an animal. The name changed due to the inappropriate translation. Also, having come to existence only around 1984, they have proved to be valuable as they allow for higher yield of the restaurant’s ingredients and for a platform for chefs to show their talents. Amuse Bouche came into limelight during Nouvelle cuisine movement, which laid more emphasis on smaller courses but brought intense flavors.

     Chefs utilize the available ingredients effectively to depict their creativity and innovation. Amuse Bouche creates an eye appeal to please the guests and simulate their appetite.Combining flavors to give the guests into a nostalgic experience, this is the greeting of a chef. It helps bring the chef’s skills to the spotlight.

Amuse Bouche are classified into two categories-

 Hot Amuse Bouche
Cold Amuse Bouche

The selection should be wise& should complement the upcoming dishes and event itself.Should be bite sized or most two mouthful, larger amuse bouche tend to fill up the stomach. Must be very decorative & eye appeal. Hygiene &Sanitation should be maintained to the highest standard.


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