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When you see the word buffet, it's hard not to think "all-you-can-eat." Although the noun can refer to food set out for self-service, 
The two meanings of buffet come from very different sources. Buffetthe self-serve meal is drawn from the piece of furniture on which such a meal might be served, a bufet "sideboard" in eighteenth-century French, and is pronounced buh-FAY.

Banquet Buffet setup:

The hotel offers different kinds of buffets. Each hotel/outlet category has a number of buffet set-ups to choose from according to the budget and selection of dishes.

Buffets must be rigorously set up according to the pre-established layouts. Any buffet set-up must fulfill the following requirements:

Efficient for both guest service and replenishment.
Layout and decoration attractive for the customer.
Adequate lighting, with colors if required.
Sufficient power points for connecting all the required electrical appliances.
Sufficient quantity of alternative heating fuel, e.g., gas, and adequate corresponding safety features.
The buffet service shall be similar to that applied in the restaurant procedure.
The buffet shall be ready 15 minutes before the starting time indicated on the BEO.

Maintain Buffets:-

Keep hot items hot:
If there is less than one quarter of an inch of water in the liners of hot chafing dishes, user a pitcher of water to refill the liners.
If the chafing dishes are heated by canned, gel type fuel then make sure the cans stay lit, and replace them when they become empty.
Replace lid on serving dishes when guests are not in the buffet line.
Keep cold items cold:
Use pitchers to add ice to the buffet as needed to keep the containers holding cold items surrounded by ice.
Remove ice that gets into the food containers and replace any items that become waterlogged.

Maintain service ware:

Restock dishes when there are fewer than ten dishes in a stack. Never let a stack get below five dishes.
Make sure each container has an appropriate serving utensil.
Return serving utensils to the correct containers.
Replace utensils that fall on the floor with clean utensils from the kitchen.
Use a damp, food-safe cleaning cloth to wipe spills on the buffet table.

What makes buffet a buffet?

Centralized idea  or them
 Stylized food in volume
 Professional and knowledgeable service

Types of buffet
Break fast buffet
Lunch buffet
Brunch buffet
Dinner buffet
Mid night buffet
Seasonal buffet
Event oriented buffet
International  buffet
Theme buffet
Pool party
 Business event
 Temple  theme
 Night at the circus theme
 Costume party theme
Importance of theme
Create elegance
 Offer the appeal of quick service
 Decreases the monotony of regular a‘la carte service
 Stimulate menu planner for new ideas

Buffet table:-

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