Saturday, March 4, 2017

If There’s a Whisk There’s a Way

Take it from someone who can live and die for food ,We know everybody loves food , we haven’t found anyone who hasn’t but cooking food for me  is the connection of heart , soul and your thoughts and that is where it all comes down . Standing in  front of the range and tossing it like I mean it is food for my soul.
I think that one of the reasons that I first fell in-love with cooking was that food is the universal love language. No matter who you are, you need food to live. It transcends cultures and language barriers: everyone, anywhere, eats. And everyone loves nice tasting food, so we all flock to it. 

It all started back in my Grandmothers kitchen , a small yet bright place where world’s best recipes were created was where I held  knife in my hand for the first time  ,where I started to roll dough for the first time , where I realized that a pinch of salt is all it takes Passion is about zeal &enthusiasm , that one thing that never lets you give up , never lets you back down that one that gets you moving from the toughest of time to  make you the strongest you can . I feel joining Culinary Academy of India was my one of star steps to turn my passion into my paycheck. Surrounded by Culinary enthusiasts , exotic ingredients , ranges that keeps you on heat and feet all the time and chopping till your hands fall off that is the commitment taught and lesson learnt here, A college especially built for a culinary passionate .

I did my industrial training in The Oberoi , New Delhi and there I realized the real pressure that a Chef goes through when time is constrained and world class food needs to served just right ,the precision and technicalities and above all mastering the basics just paves your way to the ladder of success.Working under constant pressure to deliver the food fast without sacrificing quality throughout the process, standing on your feet for long hours, burns, heavy lifting, noise, heat, smokes and fumes, working on evenings, weekends and holidays and almost anytime when the rest of the world is not working are just a few of the things you must go through as a chef , here with passion comes hard work and dedication.

Cooking for me is a blend of art and science and understanding your food is the key , I have seen a hundred  chef cooking and very few making a difference between an ordinary and a mouth watering one  may be that’s what makes me passionate too!I find something very soothing about cooking and preparing a meal at the end of a busy day above all, it is the love for the people you feed everyday ; your family and friends ‘ relatives and guests ‘ the people that matter to you the most .

So, I  would like to say if you cant handle the heat go clean the walkin
PASSION. ENTHUSIASM & BUTTER is all it takes – Do you think you ‘ve got what it takes ?