Monday, April 10, 2017


Eating ,apart from being a basic necessity for everyone, is more of an art nowadays. It’s not just a way to fill the belly and survive, but something far bigger than in every extent. Food has always been of prime importance in every culture and it’s not just the palette but the way it is presented, gives us the basic idea about the ups and downs of the people and where the cuisine stands by the world preference.

‘Eating with Eyes’ is not just an idea, it is a trend which is followed up by the society nowadays. It involves the beautification of food in which the dish is elevated to such a professional level that it gives pleasure to the eyes of the beholder. There is an involvement of garnishes, garnitures, micros, exotic ingredients and all those elements that increase the eye appeal of the dish. Moreover, the portion size is decreasing and the focus is shifting towards the elegantly plated dishes.

Eating is an experience of senses. Whenever a dish arrives, our first reaction would always be according to its look. The way a dish looks, can make us form opinions and views about the taste, flavor and texture of it. While on a buffet too, one would always pick up dishes which have an aesthetic appeal, over others. Lately, there’s been a lot of literature written on clutter; on how a clutter-free home can significantly impact our emotional health, and how an uncluttered kitchen, can help us eat less. In the same way, an aesthetically presented meal is both an instant mood enhancer and a diet controller. You’re less likely to scoff down a beautifully assembled plate than a piled-up mess.That is why there are food stylists for cookbooks and magazines make those dishes look so appealing that you salivate at the very look of them. There are books written exclusively for food styling and presentation.Care for appearance also shows that you have pride in what you’ve made and that you have taken the trouble to try to attract and entice the people you’re making it for.

The presentation of food is so very important that nowadays a whole new range of professions are coming up such as food styling, food styling, food styling, food photography, color schemes and food sculptures Moreover the service is getting modified, where stewards are performing for guests rather than just putting the plate on the table.

The new trends in culinary world, like Molecular gastronomy, is also highly appreciated by guest as it is giving a whole new range of appeal and the boundaries are being pushed every day. .As the guests are always looking for something out of the box and thus all this gives a dramatic appearance and makes the whole experience worth. Thus in the world of food ‘Looks does matter’ and if one knows how to eat with eyes, then sky is the limit.


  1. WELL WRITTEN ARTICLE ..Clinary Academy Of India is the BEST

  2. WELL WRITTEN ARTICLE ..Clinary Academy Of India is the BEST