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      To familiarize with the concept, application and advantages for setting up a desi food truck

      Every day food trucks are filled with fresh ingredients and roll out on the city streets. Once in place, they invite visitors to the real Indian street food experience that is cooked on site and served out the door of trucks.

      The journey of desi  food truck evolved by observing PEDLARS and STREET VENDORS.
      This idea of doing “mobile business” of food was eventually launched in 90’s in INDIA but it was hardly in use.
      Desi food gave a motivation to the chef to showcase their skills and knowledge at small scale.

      The very first desi food truck was launched for Indian cricket team to serve hot and cold refreshments .
Eventually this idea of food truck helped to fullnfill the needs of cricket players moved from one city to another for their test matches and games


      Food trucks are one of the hottest restaurant trends right now.
      Need to build up a team to start a food truck.
      The team should consist of financer, marketer and cooks.
      In the food business, location is the greatest deciding factor and with food truck (after trying different locations) you can choose the best one for your business.

      License from local police and traffic police.
      The license on which food truck is allowed to make sales in area are: Basic, state and central. Depending upon the vendor, the area in which he want make sale in.
      Fire Safety Certificate
      Shop and Establishment License
      NOC from RTO
      NOC from Municipal Corporation
      FSSAI Mobile Vendor’s License
      Kitchen Insurance

      The food available at food truck should be at reasonable prices, which leads us to the cost management of food and food trucks. Preferably local ingredients and easily available resources should be used , no fancy tools and equipment are used because food is sold at reasonable price. The dishes are very limited which are generally served as combos because there is not enough space and equipment to prepare large number of items.
      Very expensive tech. and equipment should be  avoided to use so it wouldn’t effect the price of food.

      To develop sustainably requires both courage and perseverance. Sustainability is obviously important and this means that not only do we use locally sourced ingredients but also about the way we want to develop this further. Traditional starting point is in a large part from the vegetarian cuisine which uses good locally sourced ingredients. Which also strive for sustainability in our personnel work where we should invite staff and give them good opportunities to develop their work .

      There are several ways to promote a food truck, some of them are listed below:
      Radio commercials
      Door to door distribution of Pamphlets
      Food fest participation
      Newspaper advertisement
      Sampling the food
      Social media

      All our flavors served with a raw food mixture of carrot, beetroot, yellow beetroot , cabbage , radish, fresh pomegranate and mint
      Indian food is famous for its spices and hotness , some of them are red chilly, star anise, mace, nutmeg, vitiver, ginger, garlic, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander seeds, onion seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves, bay leaf, cumin seeds, asafoetida, fenugreek seeds,  piper cubeba, kapok buds.

Ø  North Indian
      Kathi roll
Ø  South Indian
      Mysore bhaji
      Rice batter products (dosa, idli, utpam,)
      Mirchi bhaji

      A regular feature on a menu is freshly baked Indian bread rolls with fillings, spices and sauces from the traditional and the modern North Indian cuisine.

      Indian Street Food offers a full range of modern Indian cuisine that draws its inspiration from all over India, but also with from the Nordic and southern European cuisine. You can choose from our ready meals.

      Indian food trucks should provide new, exciting and tasty recipes that integrates classical Indian cooking tradition with modern tastes.
      Good quality ingredients should be use to prepare the food.

      Proper hygiene should be maintained.
      Surrounding should be cleaned and neat.
      Treat customers with smile.
      Serving food with similar atmosphere such as surrounded by good music, street performers.

      Indian Street Food & Co creates a modern Indian cuisine inspired by food vendors in the streets of India. By blending tradition with modern tastes and sustainable ideals our mission is to raise the Indian dining experience wherever we go
      Indian Street Food & Co was awarded best veg and overall best at the Swedish championships for food trucks.
      Indian Street Food & Co was awarded best veg at the nordic championships for food trucks.
      Indian Street Food & Co are interviewed on Swedish Radio on vegetarian traditions in India.
      Featured and rated as one of the best food trucks in town by fashion magazine King.
      Won the prestigious Arla Guldko award 2015 for this year’s best fast food!
      Won the prestigious award “Street food of the year” at the Fast Food Awards!

      The first thing to do is to choose the right truck or commercial vehicle. There are various trucks available in the market from Tata, Mahindra & Mahindra and Ashok Leyland. But to save costs you can start with an old truck which would cost half the price of the new one.
      The old vehicle can further be modified and designed based on the requirement with an additional cost of Rs 1 lakh from the various bodybuilder shops.
      These trucks can be built in different sizes, such as:
  1. Medium truck
  2. Large truck
  3. Very large truck
      Its should be colorful and having a good eye appeal to the customers.
      It should have proper spacing for equipments.

POS- It is always advisable to have a good “POINT OF SALE SOFTWARE” which can keep your data safe and give a detailed information about your inventory and sales.

      Setting up a desi food truck can lead to a profitable venture if it is executed and established properly. Customers can enjoy food with good flavours and taste at reasonable prices.

      TedX lecture by
      Karan Malik “super sucker food truck”
      Grub fest

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